Selling High-End Art Online –

Selling High-End Art Online –

online1There are many different websites where one can buy and sell art but most of those websites are for artists to sell their work directly to the public. What if you want to sell a valuable and prized work from your collection?. Are there websites that cater to the secondary market?. The answer to both questions is definitely, yes. When selling a valuable work of art on the secondary market the first thing that would pop into most people’s heads would be one of the major art auction houses. Of course, the big art auction houses are extremely good at what they do but if you feel that the work of art you want to sell would benefit from being exposed to a much wider audience, or you would like a more flexible selling option, then there are several online alternatives. The sites that I have chosen represent the very best of the secondary market online art brokers. There are several less prestigious alternatives but when it comes to selling a valuable work of art you will want to make sure you have the right people for the job. It might not seem like a big deal but displaying your work of art for sale through an online broker with a bad reputation could not only result in your work not selling but could also mean that your work will continue to be associated with that dodgy dealer for years to come. Therefore, if you are wanting to sell a valuable work of art on the secondary market I suggest you use one of the sites that I have listed below or do plenty of research before using another site.

ArtCycle is a new online art broker that not only provide a place to sell you art but act as the agent for the whole transaction. One of the great things about ArtCycle is that there is no cost to you if ArtCycle do not sell the artwork. According to their website:

“As a consignment service, we offer a unique environment for art collectors to buy and sell work in a way that is personally and financially rewarding. We are not an auction house nor are we a traditional gallery. We are collectors, like you, who bring years of expertise coupled with a fresh take on how art should be purchased.”

ArtCycle is a very attractive option for those wishing to sell higher end works of art but don’t want to take the traditional art auction house route.

Artnet are one of the world’s top online destinations for pretty much anything to do with buying and selling fine art. As well as a price database, online magazine, videos, event listings and more, Artnet also conduct online auctions. Artnet online auctions are only for serious collectors as you have to apply to become a seller on artnet. After your application is reviewed by artnet, you will, if approved, be offered the opportunity to sell via artnet Online Auctions. The vetting process ensures that the quality of work auctioned via artnet remains high and that the sellers are reputable.

Artquid are another relative newcomer to the online art broking world who have proven themselves to be worthy of inclusion in this list. According to their website:

“ArtQuid is a global marketplace for Art and Antiques, where professionals (Art dealers, Art galleries, Artists) and individuals (Collectors) from around the world can create their own online Private Gallery so that interested buyers can browse and purchase any items they want directly from any location.”

A very professional site combined with very low fees starting at 9.95 euro makes artquid well worth considering. Because the site is relatively new I would suggest using artquid in conjunction with another more established site such as

If you have anything to do with fine art you will undoubtedly have heard of artprice, the world’s most popular database of art auction results. As well as the price database, also has an online classified section where you can advertise works of art, antiques and design that you want to sale. The great thing about the classifieds is that when you search the price database for a particular artist you also a list of the works by that artist which are advertised for sale in the classified section. This means that every time someone searches for information on the artist who created the work you are selling, the item you have for sale will

AskART are a very well known and well established site that is primarily an online database that contains information and price data on over 155,000 artists. As well as providing information on artists, also provide a marketplace section where anyone can advertise a work of art that they want to sell.

According to their website, the benefits of using AskART are:

• Your ads go live on AskART immediately, giving you exposure to our over 70,000 daily visitors.

• Ad notification is automatically sent to all collectors in our database who have registered an interest in your artist.

• They offer low fees and easy administration

• Buyers contact you directly – AskART collects no other fees or commissions.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post there are many more websites that allow people to sell art online but many of them are far from adequate for those looking for a secure and reputable broker with a proven track record. The sites I have listed above are by far the best of the online art brokers and offer superior service plus a greater chance of a successful sale.

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

Rarity is Driving the Art Market –

Rarity is Driving the Art Market –

rarityOne of the trends that has emerged since the art market began to soften is the increased desirability of works of art that that have not appeared at auction for a long period of time or have never appeared at auction. Such works are usually given the term “fresh to market” by the auction houses although an exact definition for a “fresh to market” work is unclear. This means that the use of term can be abused by unscrupulous dealers or auction houses who wish to lure buyers to a particular work . Technically, a work that is “fresh to market” would be a work that has not appeared at auction more than once but it seems that if a work has not appeared on the market for twenty years or more that the term “fresh to market” can legitimately be used in relation to that work. Another term you may see used in relation to art is scarcity which has a similar meaning to rarity except that scarcity is used more to refer to a lack of supply that does not usually take into consideration the characteristics of the object it’s self. Scarcity is used to describe antiques more than original works of art because most antiques were produced in significant numbers making the number still in existence particularly important to value.

The longer it has been since a work of art appeared at auction the more buyers will be attracted to a work. This is mainly due to the fact that many buyers equate a long period of time since a work of art was last put up for sale with rarity as well as a certain level of urgency.  This urgency is brought about by a perceived possibility that the work may not be put up for sale again for another long period of time or may never appear on the market again as may be the case if snapped up by a museum or public gallery. There is also a particular level of prestige and desirability associated with works of art that have been in the possession of one person or entity for a considerable period of time. When a work of art is referred to as being rare it is usually because it is rarely put up for sale as opposed to the more common definition of rare which refers to the existence of a limited number of a particular object. Since an original work of art is rare by it’s very nature the number of times it has been put up for sale becomes one of the defining characteristics of a work’s rarity. Works that have been in the possession of one person for a long period of time also tend to have better provenance than those works that are constantly being bought and sold. It is also quite common for works that have not been on the market for a long time to have been part of a single owner collection. Works from significant single owner collections are always highly prized as the collectors have usually made an extra effort to get the highest quality works and the most significant works as well as works that have excellent provenance all of which are characteristics that make a work of art more desirable.

At a time when people are having to justify their purchases far more than they did prior to the financial crisis one of the determining factors when deciding whether or not to make a purchase is the rarity. The question that people are asking when deciding whether to buy a work of art that is having the greatest affect on the art market is “If I do not purchase this work at this current time due to the financial crisis how likely am I to be able to buy a similar work once the financial crisis has ended?”. The answer to this question may very well depend on whether that particular work of art appears on the market on a regular basis or whether similar works appear on the market on a regular basis. In a nutshell, a buyer is more likely to purchase a work regardless of the current financial crisis if the purchase of that work represents an opportunity that is unlikely to be repeated any time soon. There are of course many other factors that can give the perception of rarity but you will have to wait for a future post to hear more about those.

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

Aquarium Gallery Closing Sale –

Aquarium Gallery Closing Sale –

shop_damn_itThe London based Aquarium L-13 Gallery ( is a contemporary commercial art gallery run by Steve Lowe. The gallery specialises in work of more unorthodox punk-based artists including Jamie Reid, Jimmy Cauty, Billy Childish, Sexton Ming and stop21stcplanb. On the 23rd of December the Aquarium L-13 will be closing it’s doors for good which has resulted in a rather spectacular closing down sale which includes works by the artists mentioned above at crazy prices that are unlikely to ever be repeated.

According to the Aquarium L-13 website before the gallery re-emerges in 2009 as a new and exciting outfit whcih will be called thel-13 Light Industrial Workshop and Private Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club for Art, Leisure and the Disruptive Betterment of Culture which will present a program of idea based exhibitions and creative projects “we must get rid of everything else so we are clearing out our cupboards and drawers, opening up tubes and boxes, and putting out everything we find up for sale. On top of that we are offering a selection of our existing editions at incredible knock down prices and others with modest reductions”. Most of this will only be available directly from the gallery however there are still many fantastic works available to purchase online.

As well as offering fantastic works of art with awesome discounts the gallery is also giving works away!! Every day during the sale the gallery will be putting up a free item for you to find. If for some reason their are duplicate orders due to many people crashing the system it will be awarded to the first order that comes through online… Sorry dems da rules.

Right let’s be VERY CLEAR THIS TIME!!
One of the these is available for free. It will be given to the first person to order it online in a first come first serve basis. In the event of multiple orders being taken before the system refreshes it will be given to the first person who placed the order. You order confirmation DOES NOT mean you have won the item, It means your order has been logged. We will email you if you have won, and will email you if you haven’t one./ Please do not phone us. It’s not a prefect system, but it is a free print of you win.

To check out the works included in the sale go to:

If you are having trouble choosing I would go for one of the “God Save the (Ronnie Biggs, Jack the Ripper, Dick Turpin)” signed AP prints by the legendary Jamie Reid that are going for only 125 pounds which is a fraction of what they are worth.

Happy shopping!!!

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

Art Fairs, Exhibitions, Auctions and Other Stuff –

Art Fairs, Exhibitions, Auctions and Other Stuff –

I often get sent emails and press releases for art fairs, exhibitions, gallery openings etc. and would love to be able to post them all however, I just don’t have the time to promote every single event that I get notified about.  What I have decided to do is single out the best of the events that I get emailed about so below is a list of the top twelve events that I have received information on all of which are well worth taking notice of.

The myartspace Miami Basel Competition

Myartspace, along with Bridge Art Fair sponsored a competition juried by a world class panel from Bridge Art Fair, SF MOMA, San Jose Museum of Art and Whitney Museum of Art. The registration and submission period ran from September 1 through November 15, 2008. Fifty finalists will be selected and three winners will have their work represented at the the Bridge Art Fair in December in Miami.

See winners and finalists here:

Peter Alwast at Gallery Barry Keldoulis

Alwast’s practice engages the construction of ‘reality’ in both the digital and painterly worlds. His seamless stitching together of the various modes of virtual reality which won him the recent new media award is in this exhibition contrasted with his paintings, which show a fondness for what many now see as the quaint naivety of the medium, and the foibles of humanity the painted surface exudes when compared to the clinical exactitude of the virtual world.

Phillips De Pury December 17 Design Auction

Phillips de Pury & Company is pleased to announce our upcoming auction of Design to be held in New York on 17 December 2008 at 2pm. Phillips de Pury & Company continues its mandate to offer discriminating examples of contemporary and modern design, including architectural pavilions and ceramics. Significant early works from star designers Ron Arad, Marc Newson and Zaha Hadid are presented in dialogue with mid-century masterworks from Gio Ponti, Serge Mouille, Alexandre Noll and Jean Royère. Phillips de Pury & Company continues to influence design’s debates by introducing work from cutting-edge contemporary designers such as Jurgen Bey and Aranda\Lasch. This sale notably re-investigates the radical practices of futurist designer François Dallegret, whose eclectic works, though neglected by the history books, clearly resonate within the design community.

AUCTION 17 December 2008 2pm

Viewing 10 – 16 December

Reception 11 December 6-8pm


Los Angeles—The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) presents Contemporary Projects 11: Hard Targets—Sport and Masculinity, from October 9, 2008 through January 18, 2009. The exhibition features photographs, sculptures, video, and installations by artists, including Mark Bradford, Harun Farocki, Brian Jungen, Shaun Leonardo, Collier Schorr, and Joe Sola— all of whom suggest through their work that the male athlete is a far more ambiguous, multidimensional figure in our collective cultural imagination than ever before.


The London Original Print Fair returns to its old home in the main galleries at the Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House on Piccadilly next year, from 22-26 April 2009. Over 50 international dealers, galleries, publishers and print workshops have been accepted to show work at this, the longest-running specialist print fair in the world. Now in its 24th year, the fair is the largest event of its kind in Europe.

Death By Basel – December 2-7, Fredric Snitzer Gallery Miami

The Fredric Snitzer Gallery is pleased to present DEATH BY BASEL, an exhibition featuring artists from Japan, France, Norway and the US. The exhibition, selected by Agatha Wara and Antonin Gaultier, will coincide with this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, from December 2 – 7, 2008.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery FRED’s Projects
2248 NW 1st PL Miami, FL 33127
t. 305.448.8976 f. 305.573.5810

GSK CONTEMPORARY @ Royal Academy of Arts

A multidisciplinary season of cutting-edge visual culture at the Royal Academy of Arts supported by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

This autumn, the Royal Academy of Arts will launch GSK Contemporary, a new season for experimentation, discussion and debate within contemporary visual arts, made possible thanks to the generous support of GlaxoSmithKline, the Royal Academy’s first title sponsor.

The second part of the season, Collision Course, reflects the winter timings of the programming with a bleak and austere aesthetic underlying the three main exhibitions; Burroughs Live, Sudden White and Dark Materials, as well as the accompanying programme of talks and cinema screenings.

Royal Academy of Arts, 6 Burlington Gardens
31 October 2008 – 19 January 2009

Part II: Collision Course
16 December 2008 – 19 January 2009

Blacks, Jews, Muslims, and Naked Women United….STILLLIFE in Miami


STILLLIFE at Bridge Art Miami 2008 curated by Rebecca Weber
Artists exhibiting include: William Betts, Leslie Furlong, Eric Robert Parnes, Phillip Thomas,Walter Tschinkel, Reuben Wu.

Building off of the success of Berlin this exhibition will continue to examine the current state of cultural and world affairs with an aesthetic that examines not only current political concerns, but the concerns of man within the natural world. View Berlin Tagesspiegel on STILLLIFE Oct 29th

Keith Coventry @ Haunch of Venison

Painting and Sculpture Part I: Early Groups

10 December 2008 – 31 January 2009

Haunch of Venison is delighted to announce the first of two major exhibitions presenting work by the acclaimed British artist, Keith Coventry, for the last exhibition at Haunch of Venison Yard prior to the London gallery’s move to 6 Burlington Gardens in spring 2009. Coventry is known for his paintings and sculptures which manipulate the legacies of Modernism in order to address the conditions of contemporary urban life. Many of the art historical references that Coventry deploys are defined by the utopian ideals of Modernism. Coventry plays with these beliefs and shows them to be misconceived; the gulf between belief and reality stimulating a series of powerful and troubling undercurrents in his work.

Sheba Chhachhi @ Bose Pacia New York

Chhachhi’s Winged Pilgrims series is an innovative take on the questions of new media and globalization. Images of migrating birds, the robes of Buddhist pilgrims, and the exchange of technological aesthetics create a platform for these questions. By exploring the sort of reverse evolution of digital technology and migration the artist makes space for a discussion of globalization where traditional trajectories of advancement are can be destabilized and opened for discussion.

Originally created for the Singapore Biennale in September 2006, the work has also been exhibited at the ZKM Center for Art & Media in Karlsruhe, Germany as part of the exhibition Thermocline of Art: New Asian Wave (June 15-October 21, 2007), at the Hangar Biccoca in Milan, Italy as part of the exhibition Urban Manners (October 9, 2007 – January 6, 2008), and at Nature Morte in New Delhi (December 22, 2007 – January 19, 2008).

Winged Pilgrims: A Chronicle from Asia
November 13 – December 23, 2008
New York

Simryn Gill @ MCA Sydney

Opening this Thursday 20 November and running throughout summer, the MCA presents a solo exhibition of new and recent work by leading Sydney-based Malaysian artist Simryn Gill. The exhibition, Simryn Gill: Gathering, includes photography, objects, books and text works by this internationally renowned artist.

Born in Singapore in 1959, Gill lives and works in Sydney and Port Dickson, Malaysia. She has exhibited widely throughout Australia and internationally, including at the Biennale of Sydney (2002 and 2008), the São Paulo Biennial (2004) and the Venice Biennale (1999). Her work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at the Tate Modern, London and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC (both 2006).

Art Perform @ Art Basel Miami Beach

Since 2005, Art Basel Miami Beach has supported artists working in the sphere
of performance and live art through the Art Perform program. Curated by Jens
Hoffmann, Director of the CCA Wattis Institute in San Francisco, this platform
features a selection of international artists who are invited to conceive and present
specially commissioned site- and context-specific artworks. All presentations will
take place on the Art Perform stage at Art Positions.
Participating Artists:
Christian Jankowski (Germany), Adriana Lara (Mexico), Yoshua Okon
(Mexico/United States), Jordan Wolfson (United States)
Thursday, December 4, 2008
8pm Jordan Wolfson
Friday, December 5, 2008
8pm Christian Jankowski
Saturday, December 6, 2008
8pm Yoshua Okon
Sunday, December 7, 2008
8pm Adriana Lara

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

Sotheby’s Hedge Bets with Irrevocable Bids –

Sotheby’s Hedge Bets with Irrevocable Bids –

On the 20th of October Sotheby’s introduced a new way of bidding on an artwork which has been called an irrevocable bid. Almost the opposite to the price guarantees that auction houses give sellers, the irrevocable bid is a guarantee given by a buyer prior to an auction taking place that they will make a bid of a certain amount on a certain work. The irrevocable bidder would most likely attend the auction and can bid above the irrevocable bid that they made should the bidding exceed the value of the irrevocable bid. Should the irrevocable bid be the highest bid then person who made the irrevocable bid will be required to pay the amount of the irrevocable bid plus the standard buyers premium. However, should the winning bidder not be the irrevocable bidder then Sotheby’s will compensate the irrevocable bidder by giving them a percentage of the difference between the winning bid and the irrevocable bid. The irrevocable bid is as good a sign as any that the art market has changed from a sellers market to a buyers market with buyers now being rewarded for bidding with a particular auction house as opposed to the price guarantees offered to sellers to encourage the owner of a particular artwork to sell at a particular auction house.  As far as I am concerned the fact that people are actually willing to make an irrevocable bid is a sign that the art market is not as weak as many people seem to think it is.

Sotheby’s explains the irrevocable bid as:

Irrevocable Bids

Lots with this symbol “” indicate that a party has provided Sotheby’s with an irrevocable bid on the lot that will be executed during the sale at a value that ensures the lot will sell. The irrevocable bidder, who may bid in excess of the irrevocable bid, will be compensated based on the final hammer price in the event he or she is not the successful bidder. If the irrevocable bidder is the successful bidder, they will be required to pay the full Buyer’s Premium and will not be otherwise compensated. If the irrevocable bid is not secured until after the printing of the auction catalogue, a pre-lot announcement will be made indicating that there is an irrevocable bid on the lot. (Effective for sales commencing October 20, 2008) –

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

Top Ten Online Art Stores –

Top Ten Online Art Stores –

Being in a list making mood I decided I would give you another top ten so here is a list of my top ten online art stores (in no particular order) that sell original works of art (as opposed to editions) Enjoy!!!

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.