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  1. priola very interesting work

    • The database includes over 420,000 catalogues with images on line, 45 million auction results, prive levels and indices covering 482,021 international artists. Also included are upcoming sales from 4,900 auction houses, signatures and biographies of artists and artwork estimates.

  2. Amazing how people allways have intrest on the dark side of life. You do realize the more you focus on what is undesirable, the more it will manifest into the world.

    Shaun ThreeWolves Gamache

  3. Check out this cheeky concept art:

  4. yuck!!! I looked at the your favorite artist’s photographs and paintings….well, I’m just amazed at will pass for art!

  5. nice ideas, chat soon, benj

  6. Call for Entry: 10th Anniversary RBC® Canadian Painting Competition – more money and more prestige than ever
    Have you heard the news about this year’s RBC Canadian Painting Competition? That’s right, the career-making competition that can turn today’s promising painter into tomorrow’s art star just got bigger.
    This year’s competition offers it all: National exposure, recognition by the Governor General, and a total of $145,000 in purchase prizing available – with the winner, two honourable mentions and 12 finalists sharing the pot.

    Submission deadline is May 2, 2008. If you’re a painter living in Canada and you qualify under the competition rules, you could get your work in front of the arts community and the country. Hurry to for complete details.

  7. If you guys are interesting in selling your art–check out . Im the first artist on there and it seems to be going really well. Getting a few sales and hits are up.


  8. A successful venue for artists to sell on-line iw through all, please check it out.

  9. Thanks for this site… I do a painting a week on my site/ blog, and focus on the auction model to make original art affordable. I’d enjoy hearing your feedback!


  10. Very interesting. I am a Maui born artist who specializes in portraits and the beauty of Maui.
    Check it out at:

  11. hi u can see more pictures of my glass sculptures at fbook.
    we are already friends
    thank you


  12. Some new work i’ve made the last 6 months. check the website
    grt Erik-Jan

  13. Hi,

    please check out my most recent work in pastels.


  14. Julian Lee is an emerging British Artist living and working in Germany since 2001. (Long before the Berlin Hype!)

    Looking to promote himself in cyberspace and bring awareness to collectors and curators out there.

    Regular International Exhibitions, including New York, Berlin, Miami and London amongst others.

  15. We have a oil painting by Adolf Sehring that is in excellent condition frame and all, that is worth up to $350,000.00. The fame in back says Gallery House Inc., Chicago, IL. 60611 with the # 6981 A. We are looking for a buyer.

  16. organic / psychedelic / funky > New Work

    Mr. Riley has been living and working on Chicago’s South Side since 1993.
    He has received numerous awards, including a Pollack-Krasner Individual Fellowship, Arts Midwest NEA Regional Fellowship, Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist’s Grant and a Ludwig Vogelstein Individual Fellowship, to name a few.

  17. A Virtual Art Market, showcasing a Collective of Professional Artists, Photographers, & Craftspeople in Laramie Wyoming & the Northern Reaches of the American Rocky Mountain Front Range. Gallery features a selection of contemporary “Art Out West” for connoisseurs & aficionados. Check out featured artist

  18. Nick there is a little conflicts.Because Shozo Naganos nephew has the same name.His nephew is also a artists.His nephew was born in Japan in 1950.The two paintings that i bought.They were from his uncle.The older shozo was born in Japan in 1928.The older Shozo was internationally famous.When you post those pictures of shozos art work. on your great website.When these lists of celebrities see them.I am very confident someone on your fantastic list of art collectors will purchase them.I had a art auctioneer do a lot of research on many private deals.I also have a notary letter wrote by this art auctioneer. Nick I will mail you out a copy of the letter to verify his research he did on many private deals.

  19. Nic – please take a second or two to check out my paintings on Facebook. I am motivated and energized that your art picks are fabulous, despite what the other “art crtics” have to say! Abstraction requires higher intellectual functioning, which most of the doomed world has too little of!
    Hope you take a quick look, perhaps (if you like my work) you could give me a thumbs up, or even a thumbs down. I am too aged to cave in to one opinion.
    Thank you Sir for your time and expertise.
    Charles M. Huckeba

  20. I am an artist who uses photography to express himself. What interests me is that I can transform reality, that is, I can start with reality but change it or interpret it as I see it in my mind. My work, though, is subjective. I have a personal vision : what I imagine before I shoot. My work is art and not a factual representation of the reality.

  21. Like wooden art? Visit

  22. At you may find works and biographical documents regarding Antonio Fuentes ( Tangiers, 1905 – 1995 ), an oustanding member of the School of Paris.

  23. If you want to join a social networking site for artists, be sure to check out . It’s a Facebook-type social networking site for all types of artists.

  24. Submit your art to its open for submissions.

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