The Collages of Volkan Diyaroglu –

The Collages of Volkan Diyaroglu –

One of my favourite contemporary artists, Volkan Diyaroglu, not only produces incredible paintings, but also creates awesome collages.  In February of this year an exhibition of Volkan’s collage was held in New York by the Italian Gallery AR / Contemporary Art .  According to the catalogue:

The Collages of Volkan Diyaroglu are intrinsically related to his entire artistic creations. Their irony and synthesis are the mirror of canvases’ explosive profusion. It’s a silhoutte, it is a filter that brings down to essence what is the core of the work of the artist: sudden jumps in times and spaces.

In the canvases, as well as the Collages ,Diyaroglu seems to propose a “prehistoric future of humanity”. It is not just playing with words, but according to Volkan “ We come from where we will go” ; the past and the future are in the same direction inside his works. To look forward is to look at our genesis, digging us into it.

On the 12 Collages proposed by AR / CONTEMPORARY ART, the present meets the past and the past meets the future passing through doors, holes, windows, spatiotemporal tunnels. Past, present and future move through Wormholes: sudden surreal passages created by the artist. Cows, Humans, Fishes, Hands appear or look for an escape. Leak loose water. Windows and closets show the street that opens a tear into reality

The irony and an immediate and balanced sense of composition give to these images a taste of the Absurd pregnant of the dramatic research of an escape, an entrance, a Wormhole.

Francesco Clerici
AR / Contemporary Art
You can see more of Volkan’s work here:

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