World Premier of En Avant Exhibiting in London –


Presented by Barlow Fine Art

World Premier of En Avant Exhibiting in London

Young artists from China, Russia, Europe and USA exhibit Idem Sonans to the international contemporary
art world.

Parallax, the world premier exhibition of En Avant, will take place in London on Monday 22nd November 2010 at La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall. Invites are exclusive.

Some artists exhibiting are: Sarah Tse (China, b. 1985); Pasquale Abbatiello (Italy, b. 1985); Matthew Collins (USA, b. 1970); Van Rainy Hecht-Nielsen (USA, b. 1974); Adam Reeder (USA, b. 1976); Robert Bodem (USA, b.1971); Aaron Camilleri Cauchi (Malta, b. 1979); Alexey Golovin (Russia, b. 1977).

Contributors to the e-catalogue are: Alun Munslow: Visiting Professor of History and Historical Theory at University of Chichester, UK; he is the Founding Editor of Rethinking History: the Journal of Theory and Practice, editor of the book series History: Concepts Theory and Practice and the author of five books, including New History (2003), Narrative and History (2007) and The Future of History (2010); Donald Preziosi: Emeritus Professor of Art History at University of California, USA; he is the author of Rethinking Art History: Meditations on a Coy Science (1989), The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology (1998), and Brain of the Earth’s Body: Museums & the Fabrication of Modernity (1999); he has held the Slade Professorship of Fine Art at the University of Oxford, UK; Paul Gladston: Professor of Visual Cultures and Critical Theory at University of Nottingham, UK/China; he is the author of numerous articles on Contemporary Chinese Art and the book Art History after Deconstruction: Is There Any Future for a Deconstructive Attention to Art History? (2005).

Why is the Parallax exhibition important?

Parallax exposes how we use Art History, History and Museology to fabricate and buttress an illusion of Modernity. Key to this is the assumption that meaning, often in the form of Artists’ ideas or a zeitgeist, inheres in Art Objects (Painting, Sculpture, Installation etc.). Our belief that we can “read” Andy Warhol or Damien Hirst from their Films and Paintings involves an element of anthropomorphic projection, the personification of inert and inanimate objects. The fantasy that “art” is a visual “language”delimits meaning and is the possible basis for a cultural and pedagogical technocracy. In conjunction, we have also constructed an Art History archive of periods, styles and genres often forgetting that this artificial system is an interpretation of an inaccessible Past. Our Modernity (and Postmodernity) then is contrived and ideologically formatted. We construct the Past, and its representative Art or Objects, in order to stage our desired Present and Future. Our expectation of the “art” that can, and should, embody our sense of modernity in the Present, is a choiceand not an objective reality of some kind. Drawing poetically on the semantic paradoxes of “parallax”, “en avant” and “idemsonans”, Parallax exposes the pretence of our artistic Modernity by visually metaphorising its internal contradictions as well as celebrating the rhetorical nature of knowledge creation.

The 300 guests attending at this stage include international art collectors in the UK, Europe, China and USA; politicians and ambassadors; celebrities from the film and music industries; CEO’s and directors from major financial institutions and hedgefunds; directors, trustees and curators from national museums and galleries in China, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Russia, Middle East, US and UK.

– Parallax is the world premiere of En Avant
– Young international artists from China, UK, Russia, Europe and USA
– “Parallax”, La Galleria, Pall Mall, Royal Opera Arcade, London, UK: Monday 22nd November, 2010
– Exhibition is open from 23rd-27th November 2010
– E-catalogue essays by: Alun Munslow, Donald Preziosi and Paul Gladston
– International high-profile guest list

Matthew Collins, An En Avant, 2010

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Further information is available on request. Please contact the communications department below for further details or
Mr Adam Clark

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  1. how global is this art? where is African art? Asian? who is interested in real creativity and the name of the artist? and who said the name does not mean using young artists to have the world go ones way? who benefits the most and who contributes the most???????????????????????

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