Important New Limited Editions –

Important New Limited Editions –

ARTS Bristol Artist Nick Walker 1Several new and important limited edition prints by some top artists have either just been launched or are about to be launched.   The Black Rat Press will be releasing the latest print by the incredibly popular graffiti artist Nick Walker at the London Art Fair which starts on the 13th of January.  The print titled “Empire’s State” from the Morning After series is expected to be so popular that a queuing system has been devised to ensure that no inappropriate behavior occurs in the rush to get a print.  Those international admirers who can’t attend the London Art Fair had to take part in a lottery to get the chance to purchase one of the prints.  If you fancy your chances of getting one of the 175 prints which are priced at 475 pounds at the London Art Fair you can find out more information about the launch of the edition here:

print from 'The Venice Suite' by Peter Blake

print from 'The Venice Suite' by Peter Blake

Also being launched at the London Art Fair is the new Peter Blake suite of prints called the “Venice Suite” which consists of twenty silkscreen prints which are signed and numbered by the artist. According to the Paul Stoper website “Peter Blake, known to many as the father of British Pop Art, and influence on many younger generations of artists has created twenty new prints published by Paul Stolper, entitled ’The Venice Suite’, inspired by his recent experiences in the Italian city.” Individual prints are priced at 690 pounds or the whole set can be purchased for 10,000 pounds.

The Venice Suite
Portfolio of 20 silkscreen prints
Sheet 40.65 x 30.5cm (16 x 12”)
Image 21 x 13.5cm (8.3 x 5.3”), 2009
Signed & numbered by the artist
Ed. of 75, +5 Artist Proof portfolios, +3 H/C portfolios
Printed on 400gsm Somerset tub sized

More info on “The Venice Suite” can be found here:

Measuring the Universe, 2008 (Installation view) by Roman Ondak

Measuring the Universe, 2008 (Installation view) by Roman Ondak

The work of the Slovakian performance artist Roman Ondák has been purchased by the Tate Modern and now you can purchase one of the artist’s performance works at a very affordable price.  How do you purchase a performance I hear you ask?.  Well,  “Measuring the Universe (2008)” actually involved the buyer of the edition in the performance and in the production of the edition.  The edition is a result of a project of Ondák’s that was completed in 2007 and involved museum attendants measuring the height of  exhibition visitors which was then recorded on the gallery wall.  According to the Wattis Institute’s website “For the period of one year, the owner of this edition will mark the height and name of each visitor to their home, along with the date, on a large paper against the wall and at the end of the year the work will be framed”

The work is an edition of 10 and costs $1200 unframed. Ordering information can be found here:

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  1. Wow thanks for posting this Nicholas. I love the Venice Suite and would love to have a print. Although I think that’s kinda steep for a print, what do you think?

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