Interview with Founder of ArtQuid –

Interview with Founder of ArtQuid –

logo_artquidI recently came across a site called ArtQuid ( which is described as an “Online Art Broker”. The extremely well designed and professional website immediately caught my eye as did the range and quality of items listed on the site. With my interest piqued I decided to contact the CEO and founder of ArtQuid, Rudolph van Valkenburg, and get the lowdown on Rudolph and his business.  See the full interview with Rudolph below.

1. What is ArtQuid?

ArtQuid is a global marketplace dedicated to the Art World and yet accessible to everyone including artists, professional art dealers and individual art lovers.

The ArtQuid catalogue offers an important diversity of artworks to the visitor: from emerging contemporary artists to objets d’art and Antiques

Sellers can create their own customized online art gallery and exhibit their artworks within a privileged environment. Buyers have free access to the entire catalogue and can make price offers and contact sellers directly.

ArtQuid’s main mission is to provide a powerful promotion tool for the Art World. A targeted audience of dealers, collectors and interior designers are continuously using this multilingual (English, French and Spanish) social art network platform to look for new items. In addition to help artists and galleries to promote their works of art, the site guarantees maximum of exposure for sellers and allows users to multiply contacts and sales between professionals and private collectors.

With a strong traffic growth of more than 10% per month, ArtQuid is:

* Reaching 75,000 visitors per month
* Exhibiting 20,000 artworks
* From Antiques to Contemporary Art
* In 16 headings and more than 80 categories.

New functionalities are added every week on the site and numerous new features are yet to come during 2009!

2. What is your background?

With a double Dutch and French nationality, I have an international background. I graduated from a European business program and subsequently followed art history classes at the Ecole du Louvre.

3. What motivated you to start ArtQuid?

After I started my career at Christie’s and while I was working with several important Parisian galleries, I identified a true potential for an online Art World Marketplace for artists, art professionals and a global audience of art lovers.

As a young contemporary art collector with an entrepreneurial spirit, I created in 2006 together with four business partners, all experts in their own fields. Since its creation, has rapidly become an important Art World Marketplace.

4. What makes ArtQuid different from other online art marketplaces?

Truly elegant and functional, this site is positioned between professional marketplaces on the one hand and classified ads and auction sites on the other.

The site is a user-friendly showcase for the artworks in the most appropriate and professional manner.

Every ad is validated and translated into the three working languages of the site. This unique process keeps the catalogue up-to-date and guarantees a privileged environment.

In the forefront of innovation in the Internet Art Market, ArtQuid offers to sellers the possibility to display a video directly on their ads!

View an example:

This great feature makes it easier to establish a closer contact between buyers and sellers. An artist can explain his work and an art dealer can display his gallery.

Today, my priority is to add value to the exposed artworks and to give a powerful promotion tool to the sellers. Only can guarantee you this today!

5. What has the response been from buyers and sellers?

I recently participated in an interview to discuss contemporary art on a French radio show. The program presenter happened to be a free-lance artist. After the show, she decided to exhibit her work on ArtQuid. She opted for the Premium subscription. This allows sellers to create their own customized online art gallery and exhibit an unlimited number of artworks. Two weeks later, she came back to me very happy announcing she just made her first sale! The buyer was a mother who was looking for an original birthday gift for her daughter. She fell immediately in love with the painting and thought it would fit perfectly in her child’s bedroom. Last but not least, the artist was contacted a few weeks later by a gallery who wanted to exhibit her paintings! Well, it was definitely worth the 29.95 euros for the 12 months exhibition + 1 month offered… and the year is not over yet!

Here are some testimonials from our users:

“We definitely increased sales revenues and customer enquiries thanks to this website!” Dream Art Gallery, UK.

“Being a professional decorator and an artist, ArtQuid is for me a fantastic exhibition space and offers me an amazing source of inspiration and variety of artworks for my clients! The site is clear and easy to use. I recently sold my first artwork and got several contacts with artists for my projects.” Lisa, France

“I sold two bronze sculptures from Sweden to France, the customer got very satisfied with his deal. Thank you ArtQuid and thank you Rudolph!” Johannes Nielsen, Sweden.

“I’ve just seen my gallery at ArtQuid. I’m completely knocked out! The presentation/design is so truly elegant and fantastically functional. The whole site is just a wonderful platform for artists – so sensitive and so astute in showcasing the works in the most appropriate and professional manner.” Robert Johnson, Australia.

6. What has been the most significant sale on ArtQuid?

Everyday, artists receive requests from many buyers all over the world and are selling affordable pieces starting from less than fifty euros up to several hundreds.

An antique gallery in Paris sold an important XVIIIth century Louis XV desk for several thousands of euros.

A gallery specialized in XXth century furniture and works of art, was approached by a private collector through ArtQuid and sold him a beautiful Art Deco lamp.

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this link with us. I also like:

    I’ve used it for a couple of years now and never had any problems with it.

  2. Great post I am checking out the site right now. It is nice to read an interview and find out more about this site.

  3. Great site and links. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Hi everyone,

    I’m happy to announce you that ArtQuid is growing faster than ever!

    => More then 200,000 visitors per month (+20% growth per month)
    => More then 60,000 works online (+25% growth per month)

    For more info:

    Thanks to Nicholas for his great Art Market Blog!!
    Do not hesitate to contact us anytime 🙂

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