More Free Online Art Magazines –

More Free Online Art Magazines –

Due to the level of interest in my last post that listed some free online art magazines I spent several more long (but enjoyable) hours slaving over my computer searching for awesome art magazines that are available. I managed to find a few more top quality digital publications that along with the previous offerings should satisfy even the most voracious craving for art magazine goodness !!!

SEESAW Magazine
SEESAW is an online photography magazine dedicated to work that captures, represents, and encourages acute observation via the photographic medium.

WHITEWALL monitors the pulse of today’s global art market and lifestyle trends by delving into artists’ studios, interviewing major collectors, and providing informative articles about the contemporary art market.

Proteus Magazine
Proteus Mag is an ONLINE art magazine showcasing artwork by cutting edge amateur and professional artists. Proteus Mag was created with the purpose of planting a seed of change. A seed engineered to grow into a deeper appreciation and understanding of the visual arts.

CIRCA Art Magazine
CIRCA is Ireland’s leading magazine for contemporary visual arts. Appearing quarterly, its 112 full-colour pages contain news, reviews, previews, interviews, feature articles and a host of images. The magazine is dedicated to reflecting visual culture as it unfolds throughout Ireland while also reporting on important developments further afield. CIRCA is a vital resource for artists, academics, students, researchers, arts administrators, those working in related fields and all who are interested in visual culture in Ireland.

Art Review Magazine
ArtReview magazine, the flagship of ArtReview Ltd, is a monthly publication dedicated to contemporary art. Featuring world-class columnists, uncompromising criticism, sophisticated design and photography, unique reportage, a minimum of 25 reviews, critics’ picks, art pilgrimages, artist manifestos and much more besides, ArtReview is essential reading for a global community of artists and gallerists, collectors, curators and indeed anyone with an interest in art.

Art Signal Magazine
Art Signal Magazine is a publication devoted to contemporary art edited in bilingual format (English/Spanish) in Barcelona. Their main topics are contemporary art and culture, including photography, visual arts, painting, sculpture, new media, architecture and much more

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications

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  1. hello Nicholas,u ar 3 in 1.very nice

  2. Thanks

  3. Hey, great finds! I’m sharing a link to this post on my blog

  4. HI Jan,

    Thanks for the comment. Great site by the way!!

    Nicholas Forrest

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