The 2008 SYDNEY BIENNALE Art Fair –

The 2008 SYDNEY BIENNALE Art Fair –

With the world famous art fair Art Basel opening tomorrow, June 4 2008, there is plenty of speculation about who will be buying what and for how much but I would like to avert your attention for a moment to another major art event (non commercial) that you may not be aware of. I am particularly excited about this event because it is being held in my home town of Sydney, Australia and also because I am one of the official reporters which means that I will be keeping all the visitors up to date with everything that is happening and informing those that won’t be attending what they are missing out on. The 2008 Sydney Biennale art festival may not be as high profile as many of the other major non-commercial art events but it is considered to be one of the most important contemporary art events today and promises to be a landmark event. First held at the exhibition hall of the Sydney Opera House in 1973, the Sydney Biennale is one of the longest running biennales eclipsed only by the Venice Biennale (1895), São Paulo Art Biennial (1951) and the Biennale de Paris (1959).

From the 18th of June to the 7th of September the work of than 180 artists from all over the world will be exhibited in what promises to be one of the most exciting art exhibitions of the year and will include a diverse range of works, 50 of which will be newly created for the Biennale. The artistic director of the 2008 Sydney Biennale is Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev who is currently the Chief Curator at the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art in Italy and has previously organised exhibitions throughout Europe as well as at MOMA’s P.S.1 Contemporary Art Centre in New York. The theme for the Biennale is “Revolutions – Forms That Turn” which according to Christov-Bakargiev “articulates the agency embedded in forms that express our desire for change”.

Having seen some of the featured artworks and the plans for some of the events I can honestly say that the 2008 Sydney Biennale is going to be an extraordinary celebration of art that will be sure to excite and entertain any art lover. I know that Sydney, Australia is rather a long way for many people to travel but if are able to attend I urge you to make the trip because if you don’t, I can guarantee you will be sorry. If the Biennale isn’t one of the prime events on your calendar then you are missing out on what will be an amazing opportunity to reflect on past artistic talent and marvel at the work of some of the world’s best contemporary artists. I am so excited about this years Sydney Biennale that I could go on all day but instead I will leave it to you to found out more information.

For more information check out the 2008 Sydney Biennale website here:

and the online venue here:

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  3. hi im an indian artist. can i participate in next star artist competition ? pls keep me informed in future

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