Art Market Blog – The Wall Wizard No. 1

Art Market Blog – The Wall Wizard No. 1 

Phillip AllenI am starting a new weekly feature today called ‘The Wall Wizard’ which is my attempt at saving those poor defenceless walls that have to put up with being “decorated” with tacky 80’s exhibition prints in cheap dusty frames (YUK!!). Imagine how fantastic it would be to have people walk into your living room and be greeted by an amazing artwork that immediately attracts their attention and turns your room from drab to fab!!! The column will involve a brief analysis of an affordable artwork that is available online along with a recommendation of the sort of room or interior style that would best suit the display of this particular artwork.

My first recommendation is a work by the fantastic British artist Phillip Allen (image of work above) whose work has been widely exhibited internationally including a solo show at the PS1 Contemporary Art Centre in New York. This limited edition signed and numbered etching is actually included as part of a book which is a sort of catalogue of drawings by Phillip Allen. Not only do you get a fantastic artwork that you can hang on your wall but you also get a beautiful book that would look fantastic on the coffee table. The first time I saw Allen’s etching I immediately saw an image that combined references to the relationship of colour, form and composition that one sees in works by Miro with the energy, vitality and movement that one experiences with one of Cy Twombly’s amazing doodles.

Allen has combined painterly influences, architectural elements and simple yet strategically placed shapes to create a highly energetic and engrossing composition that is both visually spectacular and thought inducing. As someone who is interested in the texture, consistency and of paint, Allen has managed to express the features of paint in a print by using his drawing skills to create what could be considered a homage to the characteristics of paint instead of a print of a painting. Allen uses normal everyday office stationary type paper which suggests an almost incidental, semi-conscious activity much like the doodles that one tends to do while talking on the phone or when bored. There is also a sense of incompleteness about the work which is a deliberate and successful representation of the process and elements that are involved in the construction of an image.

Because this etching is quite involved and intense it needs to be hung on a white wall away from any other similar artworks or objects that could distract the viewer or detract from the overall experience. I would also suggest that this work be hung in a nice simple white bordered frame behind glass with a white matting. In terms of the decor of the sort of room this work would suit, I would envisage that maximum impact would be felt in a minimalist inspired setting with plenty of simple white (and a few pieces of black) furniture and furnishings.

To purchase this work for the amazing price of 400 pounds plus VAT visit the Other Criteria website at and click on the editions tab on the very left hand side of the menu and then scroll across until you see the image of the etching (see image of etching in this post) and then click on the image.

If you would like me to suggest an artwork for a particular room or interior style then send me the details using the contact form on my blog.

Nick**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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