The Top Ten Art Price Indexes and Databases

The Top Ten Art Price Indexes and Databases

art market blog priceThe recent increase in popularity of art investment has given rise to many different art price indexes and databases which are a fantastic resource for art investors and collectors who are looking to gauge value, determine popularity and attempt to predict art market movements and price progression. Below is a list of the top ten art price indexes and databases which should be able to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

The artprice database includes over 290,000 catalogues with images on line, 25 million auction results, prive levels and indices covering 405,000 artists. Also included are upcoming sales from 2,900 auction houses, signatures and biographies of artists and

artwork estimates.

Artfact is the world’s largest and most comprehensive fine auction database service including unabridged upcoming and past auction catalogs and price results for over 1,000 prestigious international art, antiques, and collectible auction houses of all sizes including Artcurial, Christie’s, Doyle’s, Eldred’s, Gallerie Koller, Hindman, Ritchie’s, Sotheby’s, Swann, Tajan, and Weschler’s to name only a few.

The artnet price database is the most comprehensive color-illustrated fine art history archive. Representing auction records from over 500 international auction houses since 1985, the Price Database covers more than 3.5 million auction sales.

PriceMiner® is the most comprehensive pricing tool in the world, containing data from eBay, GoAntiques, and TIAS. Combining millions of prices realized from eBay and the leading sites for Art, Antiques and Collectibles gives you unprecedented power at your fingertips. PriceMiner®, launched in 2005, is a product of GoAntiques, Inc.

ArtTactic was set up by Anders Petterson in 2001, as a response to an increasing interest for responsive and dynamic art market research and commentary

AskART is an online database containing over 100,000 artists. From its inception the focus was on American artists from the early 16th-Century through the present. However, in January of 2007 the database has expanded to include international artists’ auction records. AskART presents past Auction results for American artists from 1987, as well as upcoming auction information for the Auction Houses we have identified as being the best for American and International artists at auction. Their International Auction records begin in 2007.

Fine Art Info is a databse of 219,786 artists, 1,253,034 art prices, 54,291 signatures and 388,287 photos of artwork. Much of the information in the database is free to access.

Art Sales Index have been recording the price and information of fine art sold at auction around the world for over 34 years. The database holds more than 2.9 million auction entries by 225,000 artists.

Gordon’s is home to one of the largest art price databases in the world, with more than 1.7 million available records.

AMR indexes are a unique guide for buyers and sellers in every ‘alternative’ market. Subscribers are able to select their own parameters (currency, inflation and market segment etc) and create on-line over 100,000 indexes showing trends in markets ranging from Italian Old Masters and French Impressionists to Vintage Wines, Art Deco Jewellery, and Pop Memorabilia. Each index appears instantaneously, complete with underlying figures and statistical analysis.

**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

12 Responses

  1. Thanks for including Artfact in your Top 10 listings.

  2. Hey, good list, thanks. I’m doing several things besides our Digital Art Press in Paris (offering prints) and showing my 1000-piece installations. I’m looking for a site that focuses on the market for Bauhaus work. Any clues?


    Matthew Rose/Paris, France

  3. I am at the brush (painting)end of the art world an I have noticed lots of scathing remarks by other artist about ‘The Art World’. As far as I can see one drives the other.

  4. Hi Julia,
    There will always be people who take the cultural high ground and accuse the art market of commercialising fine art but the fact remains that the art market is an integral part of the art world and always will be.

    Nicholas Forrest

  5. Thanks for including PriceMiner in your Top 10. Look for reference articles to launch soon as well.

    Jim Kamnikar
    President and CEO

  6. I am an impressionist artist of great snd enduring talent,all I need is a chance, but life seems a little hard for me? I have 92 paintings I would like to
    sell, they are watercolor, and some crylics,I
    would like to sell the whole collection, but
    I am having trouble finding a buyer, could you help me?
    Betty Tolbert
    87 Vine St.
    Lockport, NY 14094

  7. Dear Betty,

    Thankyou for your message. You might like to check out my post for artists on self promotion which can be found here:

  8. My mom is trying to find out how much her art collection is worth. She has to many paintings, sculpures and lithographs to have the local appraisal that charges per piece. Any suggesations on how to get these South American Artworks appraised?
    Thank you,
    PAula Edenburg

  9. Dear Paula, most major auction houses such as Sothebys Christies and Bonhams hold free appraisal days. You might try contacting them.

    Nicholas Forrest

  10. Thank you for providing this list. Which website do you think offers the most comprehensive art market values for contemporary artists? Which one is the best for the money?

  11. dear sir,
    i am an sculptor living in INDIA at CHENNAI [TAMILNADU].

  12. It is a great source of information!
    I am glad I discovered your blog.

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