Art Market Analysis: The Stigma Of Sculpture

Art Market Analysis: The Stigma Of Sculpture

rodin.jpgSculpture is considered to be one of the most under valued mediums in the art market yet people continue to shun sculpture for paintings. I have been spending some time recently trying to figure out exactly what it is about sculpture that causes so many people to ignore it and have come to the conclusion that there is not one particular cause but there are many. As I see i the disadvantages of sculpture are:

-More associated with design and architecture than with the fine arts
-Sculptures often very large and not practical for collectors
-May take longer to create therefore smaller market
-Not as practical to display as hanging a painting on a wall
-Career solely based on sculpting not practical
-Sculpture seen as a supplement to painting
-Sculptures often created in multiples due to impracticality of producing one therefore makes the sculpture less desirable than a one off
-Seemingly less options and directions available with sculpture

These factors may not apply to every sculpture but combined they do present an obvious obstacle for the collector and investor. I am not sure when this stigma surrounding sculpture will be lifted but I sure hope it happens soon but in the meantime I would be looking out for the next Clement Meadmore if I was you!!!

Nick**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  3. Some artists I know seem to have a better career in sculpture to due public art comissions either funded by govt. or corp.

  4. I like your blog. On the subject of why people don’t look at sculpture. Simply put; their doing some thing else . Yes it is an activity to look at sculpture in the raw. Direct contact with sculpture can be alot of things to alot of interested people but it has to be done to be enjoyed.
    What is that potential art lover doing instead? It is like quiting smoking it must be replaced with another activity. We are living in conditional circumstances of time. How will it be used? In the mean time my sculptures that I have made are mute and do not move. You are welcome to come and see them and they are for sale.

  5. It is tuff being an Artist and tougher being a Sculptor because of the higher costs of materials. I have not found any stigma against sculptors but good work exhibited with paintings will always suffer. The problem is outline distraction. If sculptural works are exhibited without clutter the results are dramatically improved.
    Very glad I have found your blog.

  6. Humans when started living in caves have never
    left the walls of their dwellings empty.Outdoor
    living images were brought inside.I have neverpace
    seen a living space devoid of sculptures-in-the
    -process-of-being.I have often thought of an ordinary
    cooking pot as a sculpture for the distant future
    Stigma? No.We unknowingly go on buying them almost

  7. Mahesh Chandra, your comments on interacting with “sculpture” every day in the home as in a cooking pot are wonderfull and true. Bumping up against the phyical is a great way to have a relationship with the object world. If we imagined that every object in our homes was trying to say something to us we would not be alone and we would be ready to see the sculpture in a new way.

  8. I suppose sculpture can be wall mounted as well – that would make them easier to display.

  9. be it sculpture or painting art is suffering!! the young artists are being used, the name is the in thing! people buy a piece because of the name associated with it not considering its creative expression!! for sculpture it is more worse since those who have the “name” are probably so aged to produce a nice piece, they have a last option: use the young, who have the talent but lack the name!!! hey my brothers and sisters in the sculpture family, it is against the unwritten rules of art!! it is so painful!! if you wanna contact me over the same please do…

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