The Renewed Interest in Art Investment Funds

The Renewed Interest in Art Investment Funds

626-gold-coins.jpgArt investment funds have been around for quite a while now with the most notable example being the British Rail fund. Because of the boom in the art market recently there has been renewed interest in the idea of art investment funds.

Many previous attempts to get these funds off the ground have not been successful due to a lack of investor confidence and knowledge of the art market. There was also some justified concern in the lack of art market knowledge that the people setting up these funds had, which also contributed too many failures. There is already a lack of confidence in the art market as it is so by not arming themselves with people who had this knowledge was a poor decision.  It should not be a financial institution that starts an art fund but an arts institution which is where these companies went wrong.

With countries such as China and India experiencing an economic boom there has been a large increase in the number of affluent individuals looking for something to invest their money in. Although it may not have seemed plausible a few years ago, China and India are proving to be major players in the world art market especially in the area of art investment funds. The Indian company Osian recently started an art investment fund for Indian investors which is one of two art investment funds to be started in India. The chairman of Osian, Neville Tuli explained how the art fund would work in an exclusive interview conducted by CNBC-TV18, an expert of which is included below:

“Basically it is an art fund. We have an intention that over the next 3-4 years, we will be able to create a mutual fund industry, bring in the middle classes, 300 – 400 million Indians to take a stake in the cultural heritage of our country. Given the legal framework today, the fund under the Indian Trust Act is the most efficient institutional platform we can create. It is a private placed fund and we reach out to around 1500 of the top buyers around the world.

This fund is specifically for Indian residents. Hopefully it will show the country that art is not just an aesthetic and historical object, but it also has a financial and developmental role. It is one of the greatest sustainable, credible assets of every country across time and now this institutionalisation process has taken it a step forward.”

Nick**Nicholas Forrest is an art market analyst, art critic and journalist based in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of, writes the art column for the magazine Antiques and Collectibles for Pleasure and Profit and contributes to many other publications.

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  1. What to buy.. When I get a job I’m going to buy paintings and
    drawings made by students. Well.. it’s pretty
    affordable and I wouldn’t say that all students
    have bad paintings. There are some really good
    ones I like and they are not famous.. YET.. 🙂

  2. NEW YORK — The slipping US economy and plunging bourses appeared to infect the market for multi-million dollar paintings, as major works including a Van Gogh went unsold at auctions here this week.
    **The two major art auction houses, Sotheby’s and Christie’s, both got a shock in New York as they sought to mark new price records for artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Gaugin, and Van Gogh.
    **The Current Art market is in a recession. In New York last week Nov 10 2007, Sotheby’s was particularly rattled by the lackluster evening: its share price plunged the next day by 38 percent. The company on Friday reported that, mainly due to a 14.6 million dollar loss on guarantees for this week’s auction, it recorded a third quarter loss of 20.9 million dollars, third-quarter loss shrank to $20.9 million, or 33 cents a share, from a net loss of $30.7 million. Christies took some Losses in their Art auctions as well.
    **I want to bring Black and White Photo Art back in the main stream. Its the only affordable Art investment that yields substantial Dividends. Photo Art is the Latest craze in the Art Market.
    **Don’t miss out on chance to invest in one of the fastest growing untapped sectors of Modern Contemporary Art. Now is the time to update your Art portfolios. Black and White Photo Art, they are Hanging on the Walls. On the streets, the Bulls are on the run, only the wise will take heed.

  3. **I want to bring Hand Tinting back in the main stream. Since we have our computers and high tech soft ware we fail to realize that computer generated imagery or photos are not the same as in the past. The reason is, that the computer lacks Zone “A” and Zone “B”. Its merely a copy. All computer generated photos or prints will oxidize or fade. The sole purpose of making Photographs are to record and document historical events. Archiving Photos that are computer generated defeats this goal. In museums you will only find Black and White Photos, they know that any other type of print won’t last long enough to achieve their objective.
    **When we look back in the early 1800’s we see images that were produced that still exist today. What if our Great masters used pixels to record there Art. They would have never dreamed of wasting there time and effort to gain fame by employing methods other than the Classical techniques to create their Art. When history is written, those who have negatives and Hand developed Prints will have works of Arts that will be priceless.
    **The Great masters such Van Goghs, Picasso’s, Rembrandts, Cezanne’s, Seraut’s, El greco,s, Constables, Botticellis, Angelico’s and Bounnarroti’s would not exist today as we know them if they had used digital assisted soft ware to create their works of Art. I have over 50,000 images and over 90,000 negatives that will be worth more than any digital print made today.
    Photo Art has been around in the main stream for quite some time. No one has change or improved on what George Eastman, Joeseph Niepce, Giovanni Battista, Thomas Wedgwood and Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre attempted . The computer can never allow any one the freedom that gives you the ability to capture an image as on sees it. Ansel Adams was the last person to that gave us a new set of rules and technique.
    **I have develop a “2” Zone that takes his ideas and the other great Photographers of the past and improve how we see and reproduce our Photos.
    Don’t miss out, if you can have the luck of buying a old Photo of the past, you will own tomorrows Picassos’ Van Goghs’ or even an Rembrandt.
    The only worth while investment in todays Art Market will be a Hand Tinted Photograph. The other Great works of Art merely exchange owners and becomes more expensive in the process.

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  5. The key is to look at emerging artists. Understand their commitment and potential. Also the visibility their work is being subjected to. Artist in point.
    Jean Marc Calvet video and info can be found at

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