Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Further to the figures and results shown above I would like to specifically highlight two very important points which are the recommendation of 5-10% of your investment portfolio be in art, and that art investment is a long term investment of at least 5-7 years.  These two points are crucial because they define art investment in terms of its position within the investment arena and allow people to categorise art investment within their investment portfolio.


The figures certainly do look good for art investment but there are some further points that need to be taken into consideration in the form of possible further costs such as framing, insurance and transactional costs which are not usually mentioned.


I often get asked by people why they should invest in art when they can apparently get better returns else where.  My answer to these people is that investment is not just about the highest potential return but about having a portfolio that is diverse and structured so that you not only get good returns but have stability and a spread of risk.  Art investment has so many positives when used properly but any investment can have negative consequences if not used wisely. 

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