Fine Art Funds

Fine Art Funds

Another form of art investment that has recently become popular is investing in a fine art fund.  Basically investing in an art fund works much the same was as investing in shares, instead of buying a whole artwork you can buy shares in an artwork along with other people.  Then the painting is hopefully sold for a profit which is then passed back to the investors.


This means that people with smaller bank roles can still take advantage of investing in a major artwork by a blue chip artist which would normally be out of their reach. 


Only a few countries currently have access to fine art funds but more and more are being created every year. 


Investing in an art fund is for those purely interested in the financial gains and not in the aesthetic pleasures.  One of the main reasons that many people invest in art is because they can have the pleasure of having a beautiful piece of artwork on their wall so you should take this into consideration when deciding if or how to invest in art.  


Once again you should take advice from a financial adviser before making any investment to make sure that it fits your needs.  

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