Sources of information

Sources of information

One of the biggest hurdles that art investors face is knowing which artist to invest in.  Since I don’t have a crystal ball I cant tell you is going to make you the most money but what I can do it give you the tools to be able to analyse an artist to gauge their investment potential.


People tend to think that the art market is so totally different from other investment markets that it is almost impossible to find the information required.

If you were going to invest in the share market then you would either do your own research in magazines or on the internet or take the advice of a stock broker in order to decide which stock is best to invest in.  The art market works the same way with plenty of information available on the internet and in magazines as well as through art brokers.  Do a search on the internet for art investment or the art market and you will come up with a large variety of sources that should satisfy any query.  There are also magazines available dedicated to fine art and the art market which can be a brilliant source of options.


Although there is not the same variety of sources of information available on the art market as other investment markets there is more than enough to allow you to make an informed and justified decision.


Investing in art is not just limited to buying an artwork and hanging it on your wall.  The increased popularity in the art market has brought out many different ways to invest in art which I will introduce in the next post.    

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