Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints

For those starting out with art investment I would suggest that you seriously consider the limited edition market. Original limited edition prints are created in conjunction with the artist and involve a large percentage of hand crafting in the creation process. The plate is always hand crafted and depending on the type of process used, the colour is often applied by hand also. The application of the colour by hand means that each print is slightly different from the next. These are the differences between a poster print which is mechanically produced and an original limited edition print.


There are many different types of printing processes that can be considered to be original prints and it would take a books worth of info to explain them all in detail so here is a website to give you a brief outline:


Original limited edition prints are not copies of an artwork like many prints on the market but are unique artworks that are usually based on an artwork or body or work. In Australia you should not look at an edition any larger than 100 but in the US and Europe editions up to 250 are not uncommon and the smaller the edition the better.


The reason that original limited edition prints are so popular and highly collectable is that they allow people to purchase an original artwork by a blue chip artist for a comparatively small amount of money. And yes, according to statistics they are a very good investment because they are considered to be an original work by the artist which means that they generally tend to increase in value percentage wise at a same rate as an original painting would although as usual, there are exceptions……………………………….to be continued

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